February 4, 2021

RMTA Winter Festival 2021

Each January the Richardson Music Teachers Association hosts a Winter Festival. Students perform a piece of music and are evaluated by a judge and given a rating. These ratings are worth points that accrue for trophies. Each student listed below is deserving of recognition for their achievement. Congratulations!

I+ Superior with Honor
Aidan N.
Anya D.
Avik D.
Fletcher K.
Ivy K.
Katherine C.
Lauren C.
Maheera D.
Matea D.
Matthew L.
Nicolas L.
Phu P.
Rachel P-Z.
Rajveer R.
Sydney H.
Vishalya S.
Vishwa S.

I Superior
Kailee S.
Katie Lynn E.
Kody S.
Shikhar R.