August 8, 2020

RMTA 2020 Spring Festival

Congratulations to these students who submitted video recordings of their performances during the third week of July for the 2020 Spring Festival.

This year the RMTA Spring Festival was cancelled because of Covid-19 and rescheduled for the month of July. Repertoire for the Spring Festival is by teacher's choice. Students memorize one piece of music to perform. They receive a rating, certificate, and evaluation. The ratings have a point value, and for every 15 points earned, the RMTA recognizes the student with a trophy.

I+ = Superior with Honor
I = Superior

Trophy Winners
Lauren C - 90 point trophy
Katherine C - 75 point trophy
Alex B - 60 point trophy
Binson P - 45 point trophy
Lily V- 45 point trophy
Sydney H - 45 point trophy
Kailee S - 30 point trophy
Kody S - 30 point trophy
Vishalya S - 30 point trophy
Katie Lynn E - 15 point trophy
Phu P - 15 point trophy

Ribbon Winners
Anya D
Matea D

Superior with Honor
Aidan N
Alex B
Anya D
Binson P
Daniel R
Kailee S
Katie N
Katie Lynn E
Kody S
Lauren C
Lily V
Maheera D
Matea D
Nanditha S
Pablo R
Phu P
Ryan D
Sydney H
Vishalya S

Fletcher K
Katherine C
Matthew L
Rachel P-Z