Studio Policy

The Teaching Year

The teaching year is based on a 12 month period, during which 36 classes will be taught. A student receives one-on-one, private instruction in each class. Classes are either 45 minutes or 60 minutes in length.

Activity Opportunities

Music Teachers National Association/Texas Music Teachers Association (
  • Performance Contests 
Texas Music Teachers Association Student Affiliate (
Student Affiliate (SA) is the student activity arm of the Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA). Membership in the program provides the student with wider music experiences in theory, performance, and music history. Students enrolled as Student Affiliate members are eligible to participate in:
  • Theory Exams 
  • World of Music Exams 
  • Composition Contests 
  • Publication Contest 
  • Performance Contests 
  • Chamber Music Clinics and Contests 
  • All-Star State Festival 
  • Digital Keyboard Orchestra Sight-reading Session 
  • TMTA State Projects 
  • Ensemble Programs 
Further information about these activities may be found at the TMTA website:

Richardson Music Teachers Association (
  • SA Spring and Fall Theory Exams 
  • Fall Festival 
  • Sacred Music/Choral Accompanying Festival 
  • Sonatina/Sonata Festival 
  • Jazz Festival Non-Competitive 
  • Jazz Festival Competition 
  • Camp Scholarships 
  • SA Ensemble Program Auditions 
  • SA Performance Contests 
  • SA World of Music Exams 
  • SA Composition Contest 
  • Scholarship Awards 
  • Janet Alexander Sacred Music Award 
  • Lois Boyer Senior Pianist Award 
  • Jean Pedigo Memorial Award 
  • William Gillock Memorial Award 
Greater Dallas Group Piano Teachers Association
  • Keyboard Ensemble Youth Symphony 
Junior Pianist Guild
  • Solo Auditions 
  • Concerto Auditions 
Yamaha Corporation 

Clavinova Festival

Royal Conservatory Music Development Program (
This program provides a nationally recognized standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginning to advanced levels. Students who desire such national recognition of their development as a pianist can enter the program through the Allen Long Piano Studio. More information on this superb program can be found on their website.

Students in the Allen Long Piano Studio participate in a Spring Recital held each May. This event provides students with an opportunity to share with family and friends the growth they have experienced that year as musicians.

Invoices will be emailed before the first of each month. In addition to monthly tuition, charges for materials and activities will also be included in the monthly invoice. Payment is due the first week of every month. A $25 late fee will be charged for late payments.

Calculating Monthly Tuition - How Does It Work?
There is often confusion when understanding how piano monthly tuition is calculated. Let's take the example of college tuition.

Jack is going to a university beginning in August. The total tuition for his two semesters there will be $2,100. In order to make payments easier for Jack, the university takes the $2,100 and divides it up into twelve months of payments: $2,100 divided by 12 = $175. Even though Jack only attends classes 9 months of the year, he still pays $175 every month in order to pay off the total tuition amount.

Likewise, the tuition for a year of piano classes is divided up into twelve months of payments. Yearly tuition will vary depending on whether the weekly lesson is 45 or 60 minutes in length.

A student in my studio has the opportunity to receive 36 lessons within a twelve month period. If a student cancels too many lessons, it may jeopardize his/her opportunity to receive those 36 lessons.

Premature Termination
Lessons may be terminated by the student or the student's parent by giving one month’s notice of intent to stop lessons. In addition, if I observe that a student repeatedly comes to lessons unprepared and unwilling to work, this may also result in a teacher-initiated termination.

Missed Lessons 
If a student is ill, please cancel the lesson. Do not come to a lesson with a cough or a fever (make sure that the student has been fever or symptom free for 24 hours).

Teacher cancellations
The teacher may cancel a lesson in order to perform as an accompanist in concerts and competitions. These cancellations are built into the yearly schedule - 36 lessons (as opposed to 52 lessons) per year.