March 3, 2019

Sonatina / Sonata Festival 2019

Each Spring the Richardson Music Teachers Association hosts a Sonatina/Sonata Festival. This year’s festival was held on March 2, 2019.

Sonatas are musical pieces that are a grid pattern for organizing musical melodies and harmonies. Sonatinas are “little” sonatas. Students must prepare and memorize their piece for the festival and will receive a judge’s evaluation and a certificate for their performance.

The evaluation consists of three possible ranks:

I+ = Superior with Honor
I = Superior
II = Excellent

Points are awarded for each rank. With each increment of 15 points, students are eligible to receive a trophy.

Trophy Winners for the 2019 Sonatina/Sonata Festival
Fletcher K - 15 point trophy
Sydney H - 30 point trophy
Ryan D - 60 point trophy

Superior with Honor
Alex B
Binson P
Brianna V
Faith T
Fletcher K
Lauren C
Lily V
Nanditha S
Pablo R
Santiago R
Sydney H

Aidan N
Daniel R
Josh H
Katherine C
Kyle W
Ryan D