November 25, 2016

Fall Festival 2016

Congratulations to the following students who prepared for and participated in the Richardson Music Teachers Association Fall Festival. This year the repertoire was taken from the Baroque Era of music history (1600 - 1750).  

Those receiving a Superior with Honor rating:
  • Brianna V, 5th grade, Musette in D Major by J.S. Bach.
  • Yang V, 7th grade, Harlenquinade by Krebs. 
  • Faith T, 8th grade, Minuet in D Minor by Buttstet.
Those receiving a Superior rating:
  • Vishalya S, 4th grade, Adagio and Allegro by J.C. Bach/F. P. Riccci. 
  • Samuel X, 6th grade, Prelude in F Major by J. S. Bach. 
  • Thomas L, 6th grade, Musette in D Major by J. S. Bach.
  • Ryan D, 8th grade, March in D Major by J. S. Bach.
  • Amber M, 9th grade, Sonata in A Major K83b by Scarlatti.
  • Santiago R, 9th grade, Saraband  by Handel
Performing music from the Baroque era is challenging. The dedication and discipline needed to perform these pieces is a testimony to the skill levels of these students.


It is time to recognize some recent student achievements. On October 29, twenty-eight students from the studio took the Texas Music Teachers Association Student Affiliate Theory Test. Music theory is analogous to engineering. An engineer knows how to take iron, cement, glass, pipe, steel and wood to create a building. Likewise, a student who understands music theory is able to take apart the elements of music and re-assemble them in their performance.  

The good news - all 28 of my students passed the Theory Test!  Some had scores worthy of medals.

Students earning a gold medal (scores 98 - 101):

  • Sam L, 1st grade
  • Katie Lynn E, 2nd grade
  • Aidan N, 2nd grade
  • Nirvan S, 2nd grade
  • Lily K, 3rd grade
  • LiLian D, 4th grade
  • Fletcher K, 4th grade
  • Brianna V, 5th grade
  • Katie N, 7th grade
  • Ryan D, 8th grade
  • Amber M, 9th grade

Students earning a silver medal (scores 94-97):

  • Maheera D, 3rd grade
  • Pablo R, 5th grade
  • Thomas L, 6th grade
  • Faith T, 8th grade

Students earning a bronze medal (scores 90-93):

  • Nanditha S, 3rd grade
  • Daniel R, 4th grade
  • Lily V, 5th grade
  • Samuel X, 6th grade
  • Yang V, 7th grade
  • Alex B, 8th grade
  • Santiago R, 9th grade

Congratulations to these students!