"Skills for Life Through the Excellence of Music"

Who We Are
Why should a parent seek a teacher who is a member of the Richardson Music Teachers Association?
The Richardson Music Teachers Association, a non‐profit organization, is committed to the highest standards of music teaching. We participate actively in programs that enhance our teaching skills. We provide musical activities that are designed to promote a balanced and richly rewarding program of study for students. We know there are many benefits resulting from the student‐teacher relationship, and we are committed to providing a rich arena of performing opportunities for music students.

RMTA was organized in 1965. Since 1978, we have been affiliated with the Texas Music Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association.

Our membership includes piano, vocal, instrumental, preschool, and organ teachers. Many of us also offer theory and music history to further enhance the study of an instrument.

What We Do
We offer music instruction by teachers who are either locally certified and/or nationally certified in their respective teaching fields.
  • We provide music festivals that promote positive performance opportunities for music students.
  • We provide recognition and awards for students involved in music instruction.
  • We maintain a referral list of qualified teachers.
  • We are dedicated to ongoing professional growth and development of our teachers through workshops, monthly meetings and conventions.
  • We network with other organizations involved in the arts.
  • We care about your child’s success and enjoyment.
Student Benefits
  • Fall Festival (November)
  • Playathon (December)
  • Winter Festival (January)
  • Sonatina/Sonata Festival (February)
  • Student Affiliate
    • Performance Contest
    • Concerto Contest
    • Publication Contest
    • Creative Video Contest
    • Ensemble
    • Theory
    • World of Music
  • Spring Recital Festival (April)
  • Jazz Competition (April)
  • TMTA State Convention
    • All-Star Festival
    • Chamber Music Clinic
    • June Leondar Chamber Music/Ensemble Contest
Student awards are offered annually
The Lois Boyer Senior Piano Award
The Jean Pedigo McNew Scholarship Award
The William Gillock Memorial Award
The Janet Alexander Sacred Music Award
Summer Music Camp Scholarships

Why Private Music Study?
Music learning enriches and expands the mind. New scientific studies reveal that music learning is emerging as both a pathway and a stimulant to intellectual growth. It leads to greater success in academic learning.

Music study is fun! It is enjoyed by toddlers, children of all ages, and adults.

Music study is instrumental in character development:
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Self-discipline
  • Self-motivation
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Delayed gratification for a greater reward
  • Maintaining focused concentration

What Parents Can Do
Make music a part of life and reap the rewards as your children grow and develop! Enrich your child's life with music lessons and nurture his or her musical interest.