November 6, 2022

RMTA Fall Festival 2022

The Richardson Music Teachers Association held their annual Fall Festival on November 5, 2022.  This year, music from the Romantic Era of music history was the focus. 

The Allen Long Piano Studio entered 16 students. 15 students earned ratings of Superior with Honor (I+) and one student received a rating of Superior (I). RMTA keeps track of student's ratings and awards trophies at 15-point intervals.

The evaluation consists of three possible ranks. Points are awarded for each rank. With each increment of 15 points, students are eligible to receive a trophy.

I+ = Superior with Honor
I   = Superior
II  = Excellent

The following students received the Superior with Honor Rating:
Abhinav S.
Aidan N.
Binson P.
Chloe E. (also received the 15-point trophy)
Fletcher K.
Katherine C.
Katie Lynn E.
Kody S.
Lauren C. (also received the 120-point trophy)
Matthew C.
Matthew L.
Morgan T.
Rajveer R.
Vishalya S.
Vishwa S.

Receiving a rating of Superior:
Ivy K.

These students put in a lot of practice to achieve these high ratings of recognition! Congratulations to each of them and their supportive families.