January 24, 2022

RMTA Winter Festival 2022

Congratulations and Commendations! The Winter Festival was held on Saturday, January 22.
All the students who entered this year received ratings of Superior with Honor or SuperiorWell done!

The evaluation consists of three possible ranks. Points are awarded for each rank. With each increment of 15 points, students are eligible to receive a trophy.

I+ = Superior with Honor
I   = Superior
II  = Excellent

Students Receiving Superior with Honor (I+)

Abhinav S.
Aidan N.
Binson P.
(also received the 75 point trophy)
Chloe E.
Ivy K.
Katherine C. (also received the 105 point trophy)
Maheera D. (also received the 45 point trophy)
Matea D.
Phashanti T.
Rajveer R.

Students Receiving Superior (I)

Ellen D.
Katie Lynn E.
Shikhar R.
Vishwa S.