June 20, 2021

2021 RMTA Spring Recital Festival

The RMTA Spring Recital Festival is the opportunity for student's to showcase and perform one of the following types of music repertoire:

  • jazz-boogie-rock-swing-rag
  • pop
  • movie
  • Broadway
  • videogame
  • New Age
  • Latin rhythms
  • patriotic songs
  • folk songs
  • non-classical repertoire 
  • lead sheet accompaniment
Congratulations to all participants and their excellent performances!
I+ = Superior with Honor
I = Superior

Some students received trophies for having reached a number of points accrued with past participations in RMTA festivals over the years. Those without trophies at this time are currently accumulating points toward trophies. Ribbons are given for those participating in a festival for the first time and earning a I or I+ rating.

Superior with Honor

Abhinav S. - plus a ribbon
Aidan N. - plus 60 point trophy
Alex B. - plus 75 point trophy
Anya D. - plus 15 point trophy
Avik D.
Binson P. - plus 60 point trophy
Chloe E. - plus a ribbon
Fletcher K. - plus 45 point trophy
Joshua S.
Kailee S. - plus 45 point trophy
Katherine C.
Katie Lynn E.
Lauren C.
Maheera D.
Matthew L.
Nanditha S. - plus 45 point trophy
Nicolas L. - plus a ribbon
Phu P. - plus 30 point trophy
Rachel P.
Rajveer R.
Shikhar R.
Sydney H. - plus 60 point trophy
Vishalya S.
Vishwa S. - plus a ribbon


Kody S.
Matea D.