November 23, 2019

RMTA Fall Festival 2019

Congratulations to these students who performed Saturday, November 23 in the Richardson Music Teachers Association Fall Festival.

Each year, the RMTA hosts a Fall Festival. The repertoire requirements cycle through the 4 periods of music history. Each year, repertoire from one of the four music periods of music history is required. This year, music from the 20th and 21st centuries were featured. Students memorize one piece of music to perform. They receive a rating, certificate, and evaluation. The ratings have a point value, and for every 15 points earned, the RMTA recognizes the student with a trophy.

I+ = Superior with Honor
I = Superior
II = Excellent

Trophy Winners
Maheera D - 15 point trophy
Aidan N - 30 point trophy
Binson P - 30 point trophy
Daniel R - 30 point trophy
Katie N - 30 point trophy
Pablo R - 45 point trophy

Superior with Honor
Aidan N
Alex B
Binson P
Fletcher K
Kailee S
Katherine C
Katie N
Lauren C
Matthew L
Maxim H
Phu P
Ryan D

Daniel R
Kody S
Lily V
Maheera D
Santiago R
Vishalya S

Pablo R