March 9, 2018

50th Annual William Gillock Solo Auditions 2018

In the belief that students of piano and their teachers benefit from a non-competitive type of audition in the mid-winter season and with the desire to offer such an audition as a community service, the Junior Pianists Guild of Dallas held its 50th annual William L. Gillock Solo Auditions on February 9, 10, and 11, 2018.

The following students played three pieces by memory.

Excellent and recipient of a Silver Pin:

Samuel X.

Superior with Highest Honor and recipient of a Gold Pin:

Aidan N.
Binson P.
Lauren C.

Superior with Highest Honor and recipient of a 15 point Trophy:

Faith T.

Congratulations to these fine musicians and their outstanding performances!

March 7, 2018

RMTA Sonatina/Sonata Festival 2018

Announcing the award winning students who recently performed in the RMTA Sonatina/Sonata Festival.

Students who received a Superior with Honor rating:

Alex B.
Binson P.
Brianna V.
Carolina M.
Clark N.
Faith T.
Josh H.
Katherine C.
Katie N.
Lauren C.
Maxim H.
Pablo R.
Samuel X.
Santiago R.
Sydney H.

Students who received Trophies:

Katie N. - 15 point trophy
Vishalya S. - 15 point trophy
Sydney H. - 15 point trophy and Honors Recital Performance
Amber M. - 30 point trophy
Santiago R. - 30 point trophy
Samuel X. - 30 point trophy and Honors Recital Performance