November 15, 2017

RMTA Fall Festival 2017

Our students performed very well at the Richardson Music Teachers Fall Festival. This year the Festival repertoire was music from the Classical era (1750 - 1827). Festivals are milestone markers for a student's progress. Each performance is given one of the following scores:

Superior with Honor, Superior, or Excellent

14 students received the highest rating of Superior with Honor and 6 received the rating of Superior. Congratulations to all these students and their parents!

Students receiving Superior with Honor

Aidan N.
Amber M.
Daniel R.
Faith T.
Katherine C.
Katie N.
Lauren C.
LiLian D.
Lily V.
Pablo R.
Ryan D.
Samuel X.
Santiago R.
Sydney H.

Students receiving Superior

Brianna V.
Carolina M.
Clark N.
Lily K.
Nanditha S.
Vishalya S.

The ratings are worth points towards trophies. Every 15 points, the Richardson Music Teachers Association awards the students with trophies.

Students who received Trophies

Lauren C (45 points)
Pablo R (15 points)
Ryan D (45 points)