March 4, 2015

Standing Ovation

The following students earned medals in the Texas Music Teachers Association Student Affiliate Theory Test, 2015 Spring.

Gold Medalists
Level 1
  • Kylie - Perfect Test 
  • Nanditha - Perfect Test 
  • Shreya - Perfect Test 
Level 4
  • Nguyen - Perfect Test 

Silver Medalists
Level 6
  • Faith 

Bronze Medalists
Level 6
  • Alex B. 
Level 10
  • Caleb

What is music theory?
Consider what an engineer does. An engineer understands how to put various elements together. Music theory is like "music engineering". The study of music theory is essential for students as they use the symbols and notation of music to express themselves through beautiful sounds.

Students scoring 90-93 receive Bronze Medals
Students scoring 94-97 receive Silver Medals
Students scoring 98-101 receive Gold Medals

Congratulations to all these students who diligently prepared themselves for the Theory Test and reaped the rewards!