December 2, 2012

Trumpet Fanfare I

The following students earned medals in the Texas Music Teachers Association Student Affiliate Theory Test:

Gold Medalists
  • Hari (Level 4 Test)
  • Caleb (Level 8 Test)
  • William (Level 8 Test)
Silver Medalists
  • Ryan D. (Level 4 Test)
  • Aythan (Level 1 Test)
Bronze Medalist
  • Victor (Level 4 Test)
What is music theory?  Consider what an engineer does.  Music Theory is like music engineering.  Congratulations to these students diligent study to prepare themselves for the Theory Test.

Trumpet Fanfare II

Five students participated in the Richardson Music Teachers Fall Festival.  These students prepared a piece of music from the Baroque era of Music History (1600 – 1750).  Music from the Baroque requires extra independence between the hands, and more independence of each finger.

Superior with Honors:
  • Ethan
  • Victor
  • Savannah
  • Caleb
  • Ryan D.
Congratulations to these wonderful pianists!

What's a Bösendorfer?

We are privileged to be able to play on a world class piano for our Duet Festival and May Recital!
The Collora Piano Store in the Design District (downtown Dallas) has a recital hall with a Bösendorfer grand piano that we will be able to utilize.

Hallmarks of Bösendorfer grand pianos: 
  • they are built by hand in Vienna, the music capital of the world 
  • they are built using the highest possible proportion of sound-spruce 
  • they have a screwed-on capo d’astro bar in the treble 
  • they have single stringing 
  • Bösendorfer’s “resonating box principle”, which views the whole instrument as a cohesive sound unit, produces our uniquely rich tone colour and characteristic singing timbre 
  • the open wrest-plank ensures excellent tunability and tuning stability due to the optimum fit of the tuning pins in the wrest-plank
It takes over five years to build a Bösendorfer grand piano. A team of piano master builders, concert technicians, and a separate research and development department all collaborate  to keep the Bösendorfer a world class piano.  In my 50+ years as a pianist, I would say that this grand has the most beautiful sound of any that I have played.  I am excited for my students to be able to play and to hear the beautiful music they can make!