December 2, 2012

Trumpet Fanfare I

The following students earned medals in the Texas Music Teachers Association Student Affiliate Theory Test:

Gold Medalists
  • Hari (Level 4 Test)
  • Caleb (Level 8 Test)
  • William (Level 8 Test)
Silver Medalists
  • Ryan D. (Level 4 Test)
  • Aythan (Level 1 Test)
Bronze Medalist
  • Victor (Level 4 Test)
What is music theory?  Consider what an engineer does.  Music Theory is like music engineering.  Congratulations to these students diligent study to prepare themselves for the Theory Test.

Trumpet Fanfare II

Five students participated in the Richardson Music Teachers Fall Festival.  These students prepared a piece of music from the Baroque era of Music History (1600 – 1750).  Music from the Baroque requires extra independence between the hands, and more independence of each finger.

Superior with Honors:
  • Ethan
  • Victor
  • Savannah
  • Caleb
  • Ryan D.
Congratulations to these wonderful pianists!

What's a Bösendorfer?

We are privileged to be able to play on a world class piano for our Duet Festival and May Recital!
The Collora Piano Store in the Design District (downtown Dallas) has a recital hall with a Bösendorfer grand piano that we will be able to utilize.

Hallmarks of Bösendorfer grand pianos: 
  • they are built by hand in Vienna, the music capital of the world 
  • they are built using the highest possible proportion of sound-spruce 
  • they have a screwed-on capo d’astro bar in the treble 
  • they have single stringing 
  • Bösendorfer’s “resonating box principle”, which views the whole instrument as a cohesive sound unit, produces our uniquely rich tone colour and characteristic singing timbre 
  • the open wrest-plank ensures excellent tunability and tuning stability due to the optimum fit of the tuning pins in the wrest-plank
It takes over five years to build a Bösendorfer grand piano. A team of piano master builders, concert technicians, and a separate research and development department all collaborate  to keep the Bösendorfer a world class piano.  In my 50+ years as a pianist, I would say that this grand has the most beautiful sound of any that I have played.  I am excited for my students to be able to play and to hear the beautiful music they can make! 

August 30, 2012

Piano Sale

Steinway Hall (Dallas/Fort Worth/Plano) will be celebrating its 20th year anniversary September 20 - 30, 2012. This is the time to get a $5,990 studio upright for a price of $3,990! That is a great deal. Investing in a piano substantially increases a student's desire to continue learning and playing the piano for many years! With all of the research that is supporting the essential role music plays in developing brain skill, this is a good time to make an investment for your child.

August 5, 2012

Studio Artists and Their Art

Not only do we have developing musicians in our studio, but we also have creative visual artists. With this post, we are launching a new section of our website featuring the artwork of our students!

Students, bring your visual art or create some here at the studio, and we will post it.  A new PAGE has been created on the right sight of our webpage: Studio Art.

Here are our first submissions...

LeAnne N.

LeAnne N.

Corey H.

June 26, 2012

Congratulations, Samuel!

Congratulations to Samuel H. who scored a perfect SAT score in World History.

Way to go Samuel! 

June 24, 2012

Congratulations, Ryan!

Congratulations to Ryan D. who took the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program Assessment and earned First Class Honors With Distinction.

"Only truly exceptional candidates achieve this standing. Candidates must demonstrate complete technical command and perform with a confident, masterful style.  These candidates clearly demonstrate an authentic personal performance spark." 
The Royal Conservatory of Music Official Examination Syllabus

This is the highest recognition given to students who earn 90 or higher on their assessment.  Ryan memorized and performed three pieces, performed sight reading, and met technical requirements.

Ryan, we are proud of your achievement!

May 7, 2012

Congratulations, Caleb!

Congratulations to Caleb S. who participated in the 7th grade Texas Regional Academic Pentathlon Competition at Rockwall High School. His team received a gold medal for Overall Team Competition and a gold medal for the Super Quiz. Caleb also received an individual bronze medal for Math

The Texas Academic Pentathlon program is designed for seventh and eighth-grade students. Tests are written to assist students in their mastery of the TAKS tests. Teams are ranked statewide, and competitors can win team and individual medals for their efforts on a regional level. 

The Pentathlon competition is comprised of five events: Math, History, Science, Essay, and Super Quiz. The Super Quiz event is an oral relay before a large audience in which each student receives five multiple-choice questions. Students also take an essay exam over a selected novel - The Twenty-One Balloons (William Pene du Bois) was the novel for this year. Each year a new overlying theme or topic is selected for study. This year's theme was the "Age of Imperialism". 

This program is designed to serve as a learning experience and feeder program for the Texas Academic Octathlon and Decathlon competitions in high school. 


May 6, 2012

Spring Recitals 2012

We had two Spring Recitals this past Saturday at the Heights Baptist Church. This church "houses" the Richardson Music Teachers Association (RMTA) Schimmel grand piano. Schimmel is a German piano manufacturing company which makes outstanding grand pianos.

I am posting the repertoire of the recital. I was very pleased by everyone's performance. Many gave their best playing to date. 

Congratulations, students! 
I am proud of your accomplishments! 

Allen Long

Spring Recital, 4:00 pm - Program
Spring Recital, 5:00 pm - Program

April 22, 2012

They Came to Play

This documentary appeared on KERA Channel 13 recently.  The stories and music of these pianists, competing in the Van Cliburn Amateur Competition, are inspiring and uplifting.  I recommend that all my adult students take the time to be encouraged by these fellow pianists, and for my younger students to watch and appreciate the joy of making music - no matter what your age! 
- Allen Long

Click HERE to see the trailer for the movie.
When you get to the website, click on TRAILER (on the menu bar) at the top left corner.

If you would like to buy or rent the hour long movie, it is available in the iTunes Store.

A Job Well Done

Congratulations to Victor, William, Ryan D., and Caleb who participated in the Richardson Music Teachers Jazz Festival, April 21 at Richland Community College. All received ratings of Superior, with Ryan D. additionally receiving an Honor rating. Kudos, boys! Way to go!

March 12, 2012


We extend a much deserved congratulations to William L.  for winning in the local TMTA (Texas Music Teachers Association) Student Affiliate Piano Solo Ensemble Contest. William, along with two other students in the 7th-8th grade division, will represent the Richardson Music Teachers Association in the semi-final rounds on June 13. At the semi-final rounds, each division will be split into single grades. Finalists will compete at the State Convention of the Texas Music Teachers Association, June 14-17.

William has been a member of the studio since 2008.

March 11, 2012


You play Bach your way and 
I'll play him his way. 
- Wanda Landowska

Wanda Landowska (5 July 1879 - 16 August 1959) was a Polish (later a naturalized French citizen) harpsichordist whose performances, teaching, recordings and writings played a large role in reviving the popularity of the harpsichord in the early 20th century. She was the first person to record Johann Sebastian Bach's "Goldberg Variations" on the harpsichord (1931).