August 18, 2011

Warming Up

In all practice, the mind has to be in focused concentration to achieve musical beauty.  Warm-ups, scales, and exercises especially need to be played beautifully.  This article gives further insight.  Read and benefit from your reading.   ~ AL

What's The Point of Warming Up?

Sharpening your mental and artistic preparedness

Playing piano is a physical activity which needs a lot of precision, agility and looseness, and you shouldn't go straight into the most demanding part of your repertoire without making sure that your fingers and hands are ready for it. Some physical as well as mental preparation is needed at the beginning of your practice session or before a performance. Note that the mental part of it is at least as important as the physical one. Therefore your warm-up should consist only of things that make you feel good about music, about your own playing, about the sound of your piano... in short, things that make you tick...Read More