For In-Person Lessons we will use the following general safety measures:

·       Student and members of the household are healthy with no symptoms.

·       Nobody in the student’s household has been recently exposed to, is suspected of having, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

·       The student has not traveled to a high-risk area or attended a high-risk social gathering outside (i.e., a party where social distancing and/or safety precautions were not used).

·       If anyone in the family has been exposed to, is suspected of having, or is diagnosed with COVID-19 (please let me know immediately). Strictly adhere to the advice of your doctor as to when it is safe to resume in-person lessons.

·       A mandatory 2 weeks of virtual lessons will be required in the following situations: If the student or anyone in the household has symptoms of any illness. This includes, but is not limited to coughing, sneezing, fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, shortness of breath, sore throat, and/or loss of taste or smell.

At the Studio:

·       Students should wait in the car until I wave/text them in.

·       Only a student (and a parent) will be allowed inside during the lesson.

·       Once inside, the teacher will dispense some hand sanitizer in the student’s hand. A temperature reading will be taken with a no-touch thermometer. A student with a temperature over 100.4°F and/or any symptoms of illness will be immediately turned away and unable to proceed with their lesson. (Important: If you plan to drop your student off for their lesson, please DO NOT leave until after they have had their temperature checked. After I give you a “thumbs up” approval, you are free to leave.)

·       Masks are required as defined by city, county, and state mandates. If a student cannot wear a mask during the time of a mandate, please choose virtual lessons. When masks are not mandated by the city, county, or state, a mask is still highly encouraged but is not required.

·       The lesson will end a few minutes early to allow time for cleaning/sanitizing and setup for the next student.

·       Please have your student go to the bathroom before arriving at their lesson. Bathroom use during lesson time will be limited to emergencies only.