February 26, 2017

TMTA Whitlock Spring Theory Test

The purpose of the Whitlock Theory Test is to evaluate a Student Affiliate member's musical knowledge of and the ability to apply theory, aural, and musicianship concepts across a broad musical spectrum. 

The Whitlock Theory Tests are named in honor of Dr. E. Clyde Whitlock, who is remembered for being a charter member of TMTA (Texas Music Teachers Association), a distinguished music educator, and an adjudicator.

The following students tested Saturday, February 4 and earned the following medals:

Receiving Gold

  • Thomas L. - Level 6 Test
  • Santiago R. - Level 9 Test
Receiving Silver
  • Vishalya S. - Level 4 Test
  • Carolina M. - Level 5 Test
  • Lily V. - Level 5 Test
  • Caleb S. - Level 12 Test
Receiving Bronze

  • Kylie H. - Level 3 Test
  • Daniel R. - Level 4 Test
  • Pablo R. - Level 5 Test
  • Yang V. - Level 7 Test

Congratulations to these students!

RMTA Sonatina/Sonata Festival

This year's Festival was held on Saturday, February 25th. 
The purpose of this annual RMTA (Richardson Music Teachers Association) festival is to:

  • introduce the Sonata form to piano students; 
  • prepare them for performance experience; 
  • obtain evaluation by outside listeners; and 
  • acknowledge and encourage those students who strive for excellence. 
Students receiving the rating Superior with Honor:
  • Alex B.
  • Lauren C.
  • Lily K.
  • Thomas L.
  • Amber M.
  • Katie N.
  • Faith T.
  • Brianna V.
  • Yang V.
Students receiving the rating Superior:
  • Ryan D.
  • Vishalya S.
Additionally, the following received their 15 point trophy. Points are based on the ratings a student receives at each RMTA festival in which they have participated.
  • Alex B.
  • Thomas L.
  • Faith T.
  • Brianna V.
  • Yang V.
Congratulations to these musicians for their superior performances!


Junior Pianists Guild - William L. Gillock Audition

In the belief that students of piano and their teachers benefit from a non-competitive type of audition in the mid-winter season and with the desire to offer such an audition as a community service, the Junior Pianists Guild of Dallas held its 49th annual William L. Gillock Solo Auditions on February 10, 11, and 12, 2017.

The following students played three pieces by memory and were awarded gold pins.

Students receiving the rating Superior with Highest Honor:
  • Lauren C.
  • Amber M.
Students receiving the rating Superior with Honor:
  • Thomas L.
  • Faith T.
  • Santiago R.
  • Brianna V.
  • Yang V.
  • Samuel X.
Students receiving the rating Superior:
  • Alex B.
  • Ryan D.

Congratulations to these musicians for their superior performances!

January 4, 2017

Royal Conservatory - Awards and Distinctions

I am pleased to announce that one of our students received the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program Award of Excellence
  • Faith T. - Testing Center Certificate of Excellence, Level 3 Piano

Each year The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program awards Certificates of Excellence and National Gold Medals to recognize the outstanding achievements of top-scoring students. All awards are sent out in early January. 

Every student who participates in Music Development Program examinations and has received a minimum of 80% on their practical examination is eligible to win these awards. Excellence in both practical and theory examinations is recognized at the Center, State, and National levels. 

The Center Certificate of Excellence is awarded to students who achieve the highest mark in their examination center in each level and discipline. To be eligible the student must also have completed the theory co-requisites for their respective level and discipline.

Congratulations, Faith!

In addition, the following students completed their Practical (Performance) Assessment and received exemplary ratings:
  • Aidan N. - First Class Honor with Distinction, Preparatory A
  • Yang V. First Class Honor, Level 3
  • Amber M.First Class Honor with Distinction, Level 6
These students achieved noteworthy accomplishments and deserve acknowledgement of their hard work and musicianship. Well done!

November 25, 2016

Fall Festival 2016

Congratulations to the following students who prepared for and participated in the Richardson Music Teachers Association Fall Festival. This year the repertoire was taken from the Baroque Era of music history (1600 - 1750).  

Those receiving a Superior with Honor rating:
  • Brianna V, 5th grade, Musette in D Major by J.S. Bach.
  • Yang V, 7th grade, Harlenquinade by Krebs. 
  • Faith T, 8th grade, Minuet in D Minor by Buttstet.
Those receiving a Superior rating:
  • Vishalya S, 4th grade, Adagio and Allegro by J.C. Bach/F. P. Riccci. 
  • Samuel X, 6th grade, Prelude in F Major by J. S. Bach. 
  • Thomas L, 6th grade, Musette in D Major by J. S. Bach.
  • Ryan D, 8th grade, March in D Major by J. S. Bach.
  • Amber M, 9th grade, Sonata in A Major K83b by Scarlatti.
  • Santiago R, 9th grade, Saraband  by Handel
Performing music from the Baroque era is challenging. The dedication and discipline needed to perform these pieces is a testimony to the skill levels of these students.


It is time to recognize some recent student achievements. On October 29, twenty-eight students from the studio took the Texas Music Teachers Association Student Affiliate Theory Test. Music theory is analogous to engineering. An engineer knows how to take iron, cement, glass, pipe, steel and wood to create a building. Likewise, a student who understands music theory is able to take apart the elements of music and re-assemble them in their performance.  

The good news - all 28 of my students passed the Theory Test!  Some had scores worthy of medals.

Students earning a gold medal (scores 98 - 101):

  • Sam L, 1st grade
  • Katie Lynn E, 2nd grade
  • Aidan N, 2nd grade
  • Nirvan S, 2nd grade
  • Lily K, 3rd grade
  • LiLian D, 4th grade
  • Fletcher K, 4th grade
  • Brianna V, 5th grade
  • Katie N, 7th grade
  • Ryan D, 8th grade
  • Amber M, 9th grade

Students earning a silver medal (scores 94-97):

  • Maheera D, 3rd grade
  • Pablo R, 5th grade
  • Thomas L, 6th grade
  • Faith T, 8th grade

Students earning a bronze medal (scores 90-93):

  • Nanditha S, 3rd grade
  • Daniel R, 4th grade
  • Lily V, 5th grade
  • Samuel X, 6th grade
  • Yang V, 7th grade
  • Alex B, 8th grade
  • Santiago R, 9th grade

Congratulations to these students!

June 19, 2016

Take a Bow!

Several students performed in the TMTA State Convention All-Star Festival this weekend.  To qualify for entry into this Festival, students had to receive either a Superior with Honor or Superior Rating from their participation in a previous Richardson Music Teachers Festival. Not an easy task!

Congratulations to the following students who won Medals.
So proud of them!

  • Alex B. - Gold Medal 
  • Amber M. - Gold Medal 
  • Brianna V. - Silver Medal 
  • Faith T. - Gold Medal 
  • Santiago R. - Gold Medal 
  • Yang V. - Gold Medal